I have designed the classes and workshops with all skill levels in mind.  The focus of the retreat is more on creativity than on difficult class projects.  You'll be stretched creatively all weekend to think outside the box and work nature into your jewelry in new and unexpected ways.

All class supplies are included. Click here for tools that are needed.

Etching and Bezel Workshop

Learn this easy method to etch images into copper. Students will cut metal for earrings and pendants and discover ways to prep the copper for the best results. We'll etch small batches of copper components to use for several of the projects on Sunday. After our metal is etched, I'll share a great technique for getting rich patinas on copper and finishing tricks for your metal pieces.

While our metal is etching, you'll texture metal blanks with Vintaj's Big Kick Machine and then dome the circle blanks into bezels. These bezels will be used in our mixed media workshop on day 2. 

Fluttering Wing Bead Workshop

Whether you love polymer clay or have never played with it before, I've created a super easy project that will have you addicted before the retreat is over. Creating your own beads for your jewelry projects is a rewarding way to add a unique touch to your designs. If you've never thought of making your own beads, you are in for a treat!

During this workshop you will learn a fast and fun way to shape clay into designs called canes. Those canes will be used to make beads. We'll cover all the basics and learn to shape the clay into beads. You'll be able to work in several different colors and have a few hours to explore beadmaking. 

Butterfly Bezel Pendants and Linked Necklace

This class is a mixed media delight. We'll use several beadmaking techniques, transparent clay and stamps to create these amazing butterfly pendants. The back of the bezels are impressed with a butterfly pattern that we will create during the first day. The technique offers mystery and depth that will have these pendants attracting attention!

While the pendants bake we will work on creating links from steel wire that compliment the shape of the bezel.  I'll demonstrate how to put the chain together and finish the necklace.

Wings & Feathers Jewelry Workshop

In this class students will create earring findings, construct the necklaces and create the wire 'nest' beads with sari ribbon and wire. We'll complete the two necklaces and earring sets pictured here during this relaxing morning of jewelry making. 

During the classes we'll discuss variations and design options for your own jewelry designs. Students are encouraged to experiment and get creative! 

Step by step directions and kits for these projects will be included and covered during retreat.